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Unleash Amazing Eyelash Growth

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Latisse Eyelashes

If you're a slave to mascara or have ever had to go through the laborious efforts of eyelash extensions or even eyelash implants, you very well know what a pain upkeep of long eyelashes can be! From the eyelash damage, the sticky glue and fickle adhesives, to the messy make up removal, most women are no strangers to these beauty nightmares. The truth is, the trouble seems totally worth it for those of us that lust after long eyelashes! Women reportedly experience greater confidence levels, more sex appeal and healthier looking eyes from long eyelashes alone. Talk about a quick fix!

Much of the allure behind darker, thicker and longer eyelashes dates back to historic symbolism in various cultures like Egypt and India, where both women and men attempted to give more expression to their eyes. Many famous seductresses, like Cleopatra, relied on dark, black almond eyes in their beauty routines and, of course, romantic pursuits. From mascara to eyelash extensions, the eyes are still a constant obsession in society. Many women go through these painful, messy and tedious efforts of a daily eyelash routine so they can get the sultry and sexy look associated with attention grabbing eyes. Here's the good news, there truly is an easier way to get longer eyelashes. And I mean, in a natural, wake-up-and-go kind of way.

After just a few years on the market, Latisse, the only FDA approved prescription serum for eyelash growth, has created quite the buzz. Known for its extraordinary and almost instant results, Latisse has become the go-to for women who want to ditch the annoying upkeep that a daily cosmetics routine requires. Latisse has proven to safely, effectively and noticeably enhance eyelash growth, thickness and darkness in just a matter of weeks. So, how exactly does Latisse unleash amazing eyelash growth?

The eyelashes go through various phases. The key eyelash growth phase that Latisse affects is called the Anagen phase. During this stage, which lasts approximately 7 weeks, at least 30% of eyelashes are actively growing. The key ingredient in Latisse, Bimatoprost, increases the length of this phase as well as the percentage of eyelashes that are involved in the phase.

If you're ready to unleash amazing eyelash growth, naturally, Latisse might be a great option for you! While the serum can get pretty pricey, some retailers are Black Diamond Allergan partners and are able to offer the product at heavily discounted prices. To learn more about how you can naturally get incredibly sexy and long eyelashes at an affordable price, click here !


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