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Why You Need To Start Now to Prep Your Face for Wedding Season

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We understand. You're busy reuniting with your favorite sweaters and boots, carefully rationing your favorite Halloween candy, and grumbling about how it's not even happy hour and it feels like the middle of the night. Chances are good that the last thing on your mind is balmy springtime wedding receptions full of sleeveless dresses and Pinterest mason jar lanterns. You haven't even bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, why on earth would you be thinking about how your lashes will look in June?

Because, like with everything else when it comes to wedding planning, starting your skincare far enough in advance turns out a lot better and is a lot less stressful. It's true whether you're the bride, the mother of the bride or groom, in a wedding party, or just preparing to spend every springtime weekend choosing between the chicken and the fish.

Let's start with your lashes (and eyebrows, if you're unhappy with how thin or over-plucked yours are). Wedding photographers often advise brides and their parties to wear false eyelashes on the big day, because it makes eyes “pop” and look fantastic in all the posed portrait photos. However, many women find false lashes messy, awkward, and hard to get right-- not to mention the danger of pulling out real lashes when you remove them! Instead, you can have long, lush, photo-ready lashes with  Latisse® lash growth serum.

But that's not something you can start last-minute when you're frantically shopping for your final accessories-- it takes about  four months of daily use to get maximum results. Giving yourself an extra month or two on top of that means that if you have trouble making it a daily habit, you still have time to try again!

You can also use Latisse® to thicken or re-grow sparse eyebrows, with the same 16 week timetable, letting you shape dramatic brows that perfectly frame your eyes and don't need a lot of pencil or powder to stay visible in photos.

As for your face, of course your #1 beauty product for any wedding is the joy you radiate when you share a special occasion with people you love! At the same time, we all know that preparing for weddings can be stressful, even the ones you're attending as a guest. Too little sleep, meals on the run, travel frustrations, nerves-- these all take their toll. On top of that, you might be trying to deal with a skin condition, whether it's acne, dark eye circles, rosacea, discolorations, or trying to reverse signs of damage.

Instead of waiting and hiding your skin under heavy concealers and foundations, take your time now to establish a regular skincare regimen that will help you meet your wedding goals. Depending where your skin is at now, it can take three months or more for treatments to be fully effective. If you need to try new products, you'll want to allow time in case you're sensitive to one product and need to try something different. Even if your skin is in good shape, you might want to try out a brightening system like  SkinMedica's Lytera Skin Brightening System with Retinol for a truly luminous complexion.

Unlike that mauve taffeta bubble dress that the bride's sister insisted on, beautiful skin and luxe lashes are something you'll want to keep for many other occasions!

Who do you know who's engaged or helping to plan a wedding? Share this article with them and help them get started on their photo-ready faces now!

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