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Top 10 popular make-up bloggers

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Make-up blogs are all the rage right now. Beauty has evolved into a world of its own. Make-up bloggers love to show you how to get the celebrity look, which products are the best, and how to care for your skin. However, with beauty bloggers a dime a dozen, how do you know where to look? These are the top ten most popular beauty bloggers on the scene today (in no particular order) 

Nikkie De Jager

1. Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager is a Norway-based make-up vlogger who gives video make-up lessons on all kinds of looks. Her video tutorials include daytime casual looks, celebrity inspired make-up, and special occasion tutorials. She also include monthly (or more often!) make-up product review video blogs. Her tutorials include step-by-step instructions and a listing of all products used in her tutorials.

Sandy Gold

2.Sandy Gold

Sandy is the vlogger and writer behind Naturally Happi, a blog site dedicated   to natural beauty. She promotes natural skincare and make-up products as well as ways to make your own all-natural beauty products. Her make-up tutorials are all about beauty, health, and efficiency. You can follow her on YouTube

Lisa Eldridge

3. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a UK based beauty blogger and make-up artist. She uses her own work with celebrities like Keira Knightley and Emma Watson on her blog for tutorials and make-up reviews. Her work graces the covers and         pages of magazines such as Elle and Vogue. When you are learning from Lisa, you are learning from an expert.

  Robin Black  

4. Robin Black

According to Robin Black, Beauty is Boring. She throws current trends and caution to the wind in her blog where she photographs faces, looks, and people she finds beautiful. She goes behind the scenes on magazine shoots with a vintage Polaroid camera to capture every kind of look imaginable. Even if she finds beauty boring, her blog is anything but.


5. Teni Panosian

Teni is the fashionista behind Miss Maven, a blog dedicated to the everyday woman who wants to look like a star.Teni is not a professional make-up artist, but just a girl who loves make-up. She shows you how to use make-up you can get at the grocery store and make it extraordinary. She also throws in some great product reviews and lifestyle and wellness tips.

6. Kara Manos

She is self-diagnosed beauty junkie . Her blog is based in Washington, DC where Kara uses her time to find the newest and best information on beauty trends and events in the capitol. Her blog is generally product reviews and a little bit of beauty inspiration.

Sarah H

7. Sarah Howard

Sarah’s blog is home to make-up reviews, tutorials, and plenty of other fun beauty stuff. Sarah grew up in the beauty industry and uses her blog to pass on her knowledge to fellow make-up and beauty enthusiasts. She also has plenty of DIY features that let you create your own products.

Tanya Burr

8. Tanya Burr

Tanya is a video blogger on YouTube with a fan base of over 3 million! She does make-up tutorials, product reviews, and plenty of lifestyle advice too. She also has her line of cosmetics, which she completely designed and was involved in every aspect of. Tanya is truly a beauty force to be reckoned with.

15 minute beauty

9. Dr. Christine Mikesell

Christine is the writer behind the 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Blog where she talks about all things beauty and skincare related. She isn’t a dermatologist, but a pediatric doctor with a child of her own. She just also happens to be a beauty fanatic. She guides you through plenty of make-up and beauty tips that will make life in the real world so much simpler.


10. Zoe London

Zoe’s bright personality (and bright hair) come through in her blog on all things beauty and fashion. She does some great beauty how-to blogs with everything under the sun from natural to super-natural. She also will review some of her favorite products. If you are looking for honesty, humor, and some outrageous fun, Zoe London is who you are looking for.

These top ten bloggers are a great source of inspiration for doing your make-up for work, school, parties, and special nights out. Make up is fun and these bloggers are happy to remind you of that fact. Also, don’t forget to check out our beauty products and sign up for great discounts. Enjoy being beautiful.

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