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Product Spotlight: SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair

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Ever had a micro-managing boss or a chatty coworker hanging over your shoulder as you try to focus on something important? It's next to impossible to get anything done. Now picture your skin as the frustrated worker and you as the stressful distraction.

That's what happens when you don't get enough sleep: Your skin isn't able to do the deep-cell repair that keeps your complexion fresh and radiant-- and the delicate skin around your eyes particularly suffers from dehydration, inflammation, and darkening. On the flip side, however, not only can a good night's sleep repair those cells, but you can maximize those benefits with  SkinMedica's TNS Eye Repair. It's like hiring a personal assistant for your skin's night shift.

This rich cream is formulated to make the most of the wee hours, packed with moisturizers to protect against dehydration while a range of natural antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E fight free radicals and lessen the appearance of dark circles. Hyaluronic acid, a molecule naturally present in skin, helps repair damage to the skin's barrier and locks in moisture for a healthier, softer complexion.

Application is quick and easy. After cleansing, toning, and using other treatment products in the evening, dot your Eye Repair along your under eye beneath your lashes and up to the outside corner of your eyes. You should only need a dab the size of one fingertip for both eyes. Pat the product lightly into your skin, then smooth it once or twice from the inside to the outside of your eyes to help it absorb. Don't apply it to your upper lid-- it could get into your eyes and cause mild irritation.

Used in combination with other products, your TNS Eye Repair becomes part of a total eye beautifying solution. Allergan, the manufacturer of SkinMedica, recommends using the  TNS Essential Serum in the morning with the TNS Illuminating Eye Cream and then in the evening with TNS Eye Repair to get the most rejuvenating benefits for healthy skin around your eyes. Pair it with a  Latisse® regimen for your eyelashes or eyebrows and enjoy the combination of smooth, radiant skin with lush lashes and dramatic brows even when you're not wearing any makeup.

With TNS Eye Repair, you can sleep soundly knowing that you'll wake up to a job well done!

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